New Release: The Lost Heir

Inside The Torre De Cemare

Knights of Sehaann embody responsibility, honor, and privilege.  But Kyren has loftier goals.  He wants a spot in the Royal Guard.  It’s among those elite warriors that he’ll find purpose, reward for years of sword training, and the only family he has left.  He’s unsure, though, if the story of his past is true.  And if his brazen audacity doesn’t get him killed, his knighthood test just might.


As usual, for live vendor links–including paperback–please see the book information page on my website.


Also, since I’ve been rather quiet (read: busy) lately, here’s a little insider information…  I’ve already started KoS Book Three.  It was supposed to be the final installment of the series.  It’s not.  I’ve got the basic plot ideas for two more books beyond Book Three.  And for anyone who enjoyed the Legend of the Grimoire series and may want a little more of some of those characters…  *maniacal laugh*  Stay tuned…  This story may have gotten a wee bit away from me.  *cough* sorrynotsorry *cough*

Thank you all for your support!  You’re too awesome for words!


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